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(Still) Annoying the Neighbours is the story of a bank clerk who writes a classic punk anthem at the age of 22. A song that will take him and his band round the planet, A song that will turn his world upside down.

But, this is not just the story of a suburban boy achieving his dreams. It's the story of cycles of success, failure, disappointment and perseverance, of elation and depression, of rocking with punk legends like Johnny Thunders, Dee Dee Ramone, Rat Scabies and Glen Matlock, then busking in a subway, of rediscovered folk roots, reinventing himself as a filing clerk, warehouseman, fashionista, accordianiste, jingle writer, pantomine actor, film composer, before returning to the mosh pits and auditoriums of his youth, of touring the world with The re-invented Members. This is not a rags to riches story, this is the story of a lifelong love affair with music.Artwork and layout by New Wave Art Guru Malcolm Garrett - Foreword by acclaimed Bob Marley and Joe Strummer Biographer Chris Salewicz./h3>

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JC Carroll

2019 Solo ALbum.



My name is Jean-marie “JC” Carroll I made my name in Punk Rock in the 70’s with The Members, writing Sound of the Suburbs, Offshore Banking Business and Working Girl. After 40 years I still do shows with The Members. I have scored soundtracks for Movies, made Videos and released Solo Albums as well as continuing to record with The Members


Films with scores or contributions by JC Carroll
Urgh! A Music War (1981)
Don Juan DeMarco (1994)
Loch Ness (1996)
Hannibal Rising (2007)
Straightheads (2007)
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (2007)
Stardust (2007)
Virgin Territory (2008)
Telstar (2008)
Oil City Confidential (2009)
Johnny English Reborn (2011)
The Golborne Variations (2011)
London Modern Babylon (2012)
Looking for Johnny (2014)
Six Bullets to Hell (2014)
The Invisible Woman (2013)
Hector (2015)
The Goldborne Variations
Amar Akbar & Tony (2015)
The Marriage of Reason and Squalor (2015)
Let Me Go (2016)
Sad Vacation (2018)
Suggs: My Life Story (2018)
We Are the League (2019)
Crock of Gold (2020)


I have played at midnight in the land of the midnight sun,played at spring break in daytona beach, locked in a dutch immigration prison cell, fined by highway patrols, refused entry to canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, I’ve been spat at, showered with coins and bottles , i've stayed in plush hotels in paris and cockroach infested immigrant dives in southern texas.
i've played irish music round camp fires in monaghan, punk in basements in london (with dee dee ramone and rat scabies ), accordians with romanian gypsies in france , sang rasta hymns with jamaicans in the bbc television centre, hi-life and kweala, zydeco, cajun, show tunes burlesque , musical hall, easy listening, klesmer, calypso.....I returned to touring in my 50’s and 60’s and toured the world. i have supported the Clash and The Police, recorded with The Members, members of Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, The Damned, Pink Floyd, John Barry 7, The Shadows, John Mayalls Blues Breakers, .”


Vive Le Rock , Zydeco Accordian with The Wise Monkeys

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