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40 years of The Members - Films Music and Shows

Jean-marie (J.C.) Carroll is an English Composer,songwriter and musician of French Irish Extraction. He has Been a Members of English Post Punk Group The Members for over 40 Years, and is an established Film Composer.

As well as composing music for Adverts and Movies JC has been a Member of The Members for 40 years, he regularly performs with them all over the world, he has also written Musical Comedies (Pantomines) a Novel and several Film Scripts.He lives in West Byfleet Surrey with his wife Sheila..

In JC's Own Words
Equally Blessed and Cursed
I am equally cursed and blessed with having a hit record when I was 24 in the UK. And to a lesser extent a smallish hit in the USA when I was 27.
Those records Were "Sound of the Suburbs" in The UK and "Working Girl" in the USA
no matter what I do in the UK I will always be associated with that one record.And in the USA will always be associated with the the other one.

Accordianiste, Folk Musician, Musical Director, PUNK ROCKER

tho I have played accordian for Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp on film soundtracks, spent many years learning folk and acoustic instruments, producing funky records, psycobilly albums, written musicals, been the musical director of several stage shows, made complicated concept albums and written and collaborated with wonderful musicians around the world, To some people I will always be a punk rocker, a musical neanderthal.
some of my best work in on these albums:-
The Rock is in the Lapt0p i
New English Blues Volume 1
The Golborne Variations
In-Grr-land (The Members)
One Law (The Members)
Painting in the Sky Due out in summer 2018


I have led a Spinal Tap like existence touring endlessly across north America experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles to the tragi-comic supporting a fashion show in long island, arriving in Horseheads Elmira to find the venue shut. I have partied with The Ramones and Blondie around the Kidney Shaped pool at the Hollywood motel where Sam Cooke was Shot, I dated a Go Go, I have Partied with Iggy Pop in New York, Tom Petty in the Mid West, I have talked cars and girls with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, been entertained by Mobsters in New York, Played on A Riverboat in New Orleans. I have travelled 35,000 miles across 50 states of the usa in a Ford econoline with four other guys living on marijuanana $20 a day, microwave burrittos and show salads.
Highs and Lows
I have played at Midnight in the Land of the Midnight Sun, I've played at Spring Break in Daytona Beach, I have been locked in a Dutch immigration prison cell, fined by highway patrols, refused entry to canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, I've been spat at, showered with coins and bottles , I've stayed in Plush hotels in Paris and cockroach infested immigrant dives in Southern Texas.

I've played Irish music round camp fires in Monaghan, punk in Basements in London (With Dee Dee Ramone and Rat Scabies ), Accordians with Romanian Gypsies in France , sang rasta Hymns with Jamaicans in the BBC television centre, Hi-Life and Kweala, Zydeco, Cajun, show tunes Burlesque , musical Hall, easy Listening, Klesmer, calypso.....

I returned to the USA in my fifties and travelled by car plane and grey hound bus from Miami to Toronto playing with pick up bands and solo shows playing blues , Alt. county Punk Rock and reggae.
I have supported the Clash and the Police, recorded with The Members, members of Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, The Damned, Pink Floyd, John Barry 7, Shadows, John Mayalls Blues Breakers, Colluseum

The Members Reformation

Since the band reformed we have played all over the World made new Fans and released two Studio Albums, a Live album and a a Greatest Hits Compilation the Band and Brand continue to grow writing and Performing New Material and playing to new fans and old friends, we are blessed to have the opportunity to entertain people. I am looking forward to new shows and new songs and meeting more people.


I have played weddings, funerals, Fashion Shows, shop openings, restaurants, car launches i have made $$$s on a 30 second supermarket commercial and nothing on a rock opera. I have busked in a subway for pennies I have been paid next to nothing for working an a major movie. I have begged for work and then begged to be paid...
So the CV Looks OK... But Names are just Names and Music is Music, the fame game is a matter of luck, payola an/or hard work paying your dues knowing the right people being in the right place at the right time... I prefer to be judged by my work and pray that my best work is ahead of me.


JC Works with the following partners.

Malcolm Garrett (Images and Co.)

Cadiz Music and Film

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David.M.Allen (Music Production)

Young and Young (Post Production)

Anglocentric Records

Dylan White Promotions

Nitrate Films (Julien Temple)

The Members, Nick Cash, Chris Payne, Calle Engelmarc


IMBD http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3602903/

WIKI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JC_Carroll

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