JC Carroll's Video work combines music and animation as well as Videos for The Members and himself, he also produces Videos and Video Graphics for clients. a video galleries are here.

scroll down for JC Carroll animations

here is a Video Animation done in conjuction with American Artist Josh Agle.. featuring a 3 Spacesphip and a homage to Glen Campbell

This is more work for the Magic Sponge I designed the Molecular back Ground on this and Drank Goo! The Lettering is good .

This is the Video for the Magic Sponge about social Networking, Lots of Work Done on Apple Motion for this

This is Video for David M Allen, like all animation it takes a while. we did some stop frame on this it took ages but looks good

We used lots of 50's Magazine images on this Retro Pice.. its also a Great Song

This is the Video for The Magic Sponge.. Nice lettering on this.

Lettering and Waveforms done on After Effects on this

THis is all done with Bedods which I turned into 3 D Characters and animated