JC Carroll's Video work combines music and animation as well as Videos for The Members and himself, he also produces Videos and Video Graphics for clients. a video galleries are here.

Here is a Video shot for Incident at Surbiton demonstrating various Green Screen and animation techniques

Scroll down a selection of recent Members Videos

This is the Video for incident at Surbiton, it took nearly as long as the track to make, I am happy with the Dance scene at the end.

This is the Video for apathy in the UK the animated characters are called Bedods and were designed by a company called complete control

This is Video for Nightshift if you like, spookiness and dancing Skeletons this is for you

This is the Video for Living the dream from The Memebrs album One Law..

This is the Video for emotional Triggers I like the Dancing monsters in this.

This is filmed in a rehearsal studio with bits of Green Screen

Happy Christmas, Silent Nigh Halelujah, This is a mash up of some christmas tunes the Video was done very quickly using some puppets from Complete control and a greenscreen in the studio

I Love my Englsih Girls here is one of the first videos I did on Final Cut Pro X where i was experimenting with animations