News : JC Carroll - West Byfleet Selfie

JC Carroll - West Byfleet Selfie

West Byfleet Selfie is the new Solo Album from The Members songwriter Guitarist and Film Composer Jean-marie(JC) Carroll. Over the Last 12 Years JC has toured the World with his Classic Post Punk band The Members, and scored lots of films. Recorded mostly in his studio in West Byfleet this is his third Studio Solo Album and sees him in reflective mood, painting with his Film composer tools rather then the Post Punk colouring book we see in his live shows.  The Songs are all written by Carroll with the exception of three exceptional covers.

1. His acclaimed  Cover of David Bowies "Where are they now"

2. A Riotous Punk Rock version of Piafs Non je Ne Regrette Rien

3. A RE-Working of Dannys Lai's Theme from Love Story.

Other Songs are a Stadium Rock anthem about Radio Play called in the Beginning. Cadaquez - A Reggaeton Jam about Salvador Dalis favourite Catalan Fishing Village .  The Rain in California a Post Brexit story of emmigration and diaspora. Trans Siberian Railway a Folky Techno mash up about fleeing the bolshevik revolution 100 years ago. This album shows Carroll as a mature songwriter unafraid of interesting subject matter deeply influenced by Punk Folk and Chanson , a man with stories to tell and the tools to tell them in a stunningly different tableaux.

1. Painting with Sound (4:07)
2. Cadaquez  (5:12)
3. The Rain in California (3:39)
4. Trans Siberian Railway (4:45)
5. So many Shades of Blue (4;52)
6. A Token  (3:41)
7. My Inspiration (3:09)
8. The Old House  (4:08)
9. In 1972 (4:00)
10. Where are we now (4:36)
11.This is the End  (3:56)
12. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (2:39)
Produced by JC Carroll except 1.10.11 David M. Allen and JC Carroll Thanks to Darren Nimmo Trumpet, Richard England and Melissa Jo Heathcote


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News one: The Greatest Hits

The Members - Greatest Hits -all the Singles

The Members - Greatest Hits -all the Singles is a definitive collection of songs from a band celebrating 40 years since their first gig at the legendary Roxy club in 1977. Official release Date 1st December 2017.

Throughout their career The Members have scored hits on three different continents, working some of the greatest British producers they have recorded songs that have become anthems. The current incarnation of the Band has toured all over the world and continues to record and release records. They have recorded for Beggars Banquet, Stiff, Virgin, Island, Genetic, Arista, Cleopatra, Anglocentric and Cadiz Music.

They have been signed by Dave Robinson, Richard Branson, Clive Davis, Martin Rushent and Richard England. For the first time the Seventies, Eighties and Noughties output of the Band has been collected together with a new Single called “Smartphone Junkie”. .

This collection is lovingly presented with artwork by New Wave Design Guru Malcolm "Images and co" Garrett with Box Sets Test Pressings Posters and Tee Shirts.

The initial Pressing of Pink Vinyl Has now Sold out and is Now Being Pressed on a Clear Vinyl


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News Two: The Pledge Campaign

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JC Carroll Autobiography and Solo Album


You Can Preorder The Books and The Audio today...

“Same old boring Sunday Morning” is the Book

“Painting in the Sky” is the Album

This is a great opportunity to get involved in this special project a book, and an album, an opportunity to watch the project grow and to attend recording sessions and come to the Exclusive London Launch Party

You Can get the Audio on various formats, Acetate, Tape CD and Vinyl, Limited edition Signed Books Posters and other Merchandising, exclusively available from the PledgeMusic Site

JC Carroll was working in a bank and living in a bedsit in Kilburn writing songs on an acoustic Guitar when in in 1977 he joined a suburban punk rock group called The Members in less then 18 Months the Band would go from obscurity to Top of the Pops and then round the world. In a short period of time the band were catapulted from playing tiny pubs to Playing the Hammersmith Odeon with Devo, they flew to the USA and Did Shows with The Ramones, partied with and like Rock Stars until in 1983 when he arrived back in the UK with 20 dollars in his pocket an ordinary civilian again. The book then traces his attempts to express himself musically whilst doing rubbish temp jobs until he finds himself running a successful fashion company at the height of acid house. A folk group a second hand Accordian and a chance meeting with a top film composer leads to a break into the world of Film music. He then records with Punk Rock Legends Johnny Thunders, Glen Matlock Rat Scabies and Dee Dee Ramone, before turning his hand to Celebrity Alternative Pantomine in West London. A 50th Birthday party turns into a re-union for The Members and suddenly the band is up and running touring all over the UK Europe Usa and Australia and new Zealand but this time without road crew Management or a safety net. Same old boring Sunday Morning is a great book about a Rock and Roll survivor, it’s got bromance, camaraderie and bitchiness. its often hilarious, sometimes sad but never boring. Bundled with this project is a SongBook and Solo Album “JC Carroll SongBook” The Other Book is JC Carroll Songbook… a 24 Page Song Book …Chord Charts Lyrics and Explanations of His Best Songs together with Some of his favourite Traditional and Classic Covers, you can learn his trick fingering and songwriting theory.

We are Offering Four Types of Experiences for the Pledge
1. Books
2. Audio Formats
3. Experiences
4. Musical Instruments and Member-0-bilia
1. Books 
a)  “Same old Boring Sunday Morning” Limited Edition Signed   £25
  Limited to 100 Copies   75 Unbundled
 b) Unsigned £15
2.  JC Carroll SongBook (SIGNED )
 b) Unsigned
2. Audio Formats
A. Painting in The Sky. (JC Carroll)
    1. CD  Signed £15
    2. Cassette     £15
    3. 1/4 Tape      £75  (limited to 4)
    4. Acetate        £130  (limited to 4)
    5. Vinyl            £25.00 (Limited Edition Signed)
B. Totally Naked
    1. CD   1. CD  Signed £15
    2. Acetate    £130  (limited to 4)
3. Experiences
  1. Day at  Legendary Abbey Road Studios Recording Strings £500 (4 Needed)
  2. Studio Day Mixing the Album and Overdubbing  £250
  3. Record your Own Song With JC Carroll £500
  4. House Concert (UK Only) £400
  5. Launch Party (includes CD and Poster) £75
4, 4. Musical Instruments and Member-0-bilia
1. Limited Edition Singed  Recording King Custom Acoustic Guitar Used on The Album £300  3 Available
      2. JC Carroll Custom Sound of the Suburbs Mustang. £500
      3. Handwritten Lyrics to Sound of the Suburbs Framed with original 70’s Vinyl Pressing £120 (5 Available)
      4. Same old Boring Sunday Morning Tee Shirts £20
      5. Painting in the Sky Silk Scarves. £50
      6. Box Set

News Three: Tour Dates and Solo Shows

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Looking forward to lots of shows this Year including Solo Shows up and Down the Country, Rebellion Festival and coming out to mee tmy friends all over England there is talk of a Solo Show in New Zealand, as well as other Foreign places...

JC Carroll Booking Information

News Four: Suggs My Life Story

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The New Suggs film is out an I was very happy to be able to provide music for it.. this will be fifth Film Working with Producer Stephen Malit and Director Julien Temple, I am talking about making a film with him in the Autumn