News : JC Carroll - West Byfleet Selfie

JC Carroll - West Byfleet Selfie

West Byfleet Selfie is the new Solo Album from The Members songwriter Guitarist and Film Composer Jean-marie(JC) Carroll. Over the Last 12 Years JC has toured the World with his Classic Post Punk band The Members, and scored lots of films. Recorded mostly in his studio in West Byfleet this is his third Studio Solo Album and sees him in reflective mood, painting with his Film composer tools rather then the Post Punk colouring book we see in his live shows.  The Songs are all written by Carroll with the exception of three exceptional covers.

1. His acclaimed  Cover of David Bowies "Where are they now"

2. A Riotous Punk Rock version of Piafs Non je Ne Regrette Rien

3. A RE-Working of Dannys Lai's Theme from Love Story.

Other Songs are a Stadium Rock anthem about Radio Play called in the Beginning. Cadaquez - A Reggaeton Jam about Salvador Dalis favourite Catalan Fishing Village .  The Rain in California a Post Brexit story of emmigration and diaspora. Trans Siberian Railway a Folky Techno mash up about fleeing the bolshevik revolution 100 years ago. This album shows Carroll as a mature songwriter unafraid of interesting subject matter deeply influenced by Punk Folk and Chanson , a man with stories to tell and the tools to tell them in a stunningly different tableaux.

1. Painting with Sound (4:07)
2. Cadaquez  (5:12)
3. The Rain in California (3:39)
4. Trans Siberian Railway (4:45)
5. So many Shades of Blue (4;52)
6. A Token  (3:41)
7. My Inspiration (3:09)
8. The Old House  (4:08)
9. In 1972 (4:00)
10. Where are we now (4:36)
11.This is the End  (3:56)
12. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (2:39)
Produced by JC Carroll except 1.10.11 David M. Allen and JC Carroll Thanks to Darren Nimmo Trumpet, Richard England and Melissa Jo Heathcote


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News one: The Greatest Hits

The Members - Greatest Hits -all the Singles

The Members - Greatest Hits -all the Singles is a definitive collection of songs from a band celebrating 40 years since their first gig at the legendary Roxy club in 1977. Official release Date 1st December 2017.

Throughout their career The Members have scored hits on three different continents, working some of the greatest British producers they have recorded songs that have become anthems. The current incarnation of the Band has toured all over the world and continues to record and release records. They have recorded for Beggars Banquet, Stiff, Virgin, Island, Genetic, Arista, Cleopatra, Anglocentric and Cadiz Music.

They have been signed by Dave Robinson, Richard Branson, Clive Davis, Martin Rushent and Richard England. For the first time the Seventies, Eighties and Noughties output of the Band has been collected together with a new Single called “Smartphone Junkie”. .

This collection is lovingly presented with artwork by New Wave Design Guru Malcolm "Images and co" Garrett with Box Sets Test Pressings Posters and Tee Shirts.

The initial Pressing of Pink Vinyl Has now Sold out and is Now Being Pressed on a Clear Vinyl


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Suburban Guitars - The Next Step

Suburban Guitars 40 Years of Playing with the Members and recording Films scores albums and adverts has given me an insight into what makes an instrument special. I have gone back to the start of my career to find inspiration for my new line of guitars, Suburban Guitars are inspired by Guitars that I owned and aspired to as a young man.


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