BOOKING: The Members

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In the 10 years since they have Reformed The Members have re-paid their Dues and Played all over the UK Europe North America and Australia, Clocked up thousands or Motorway and airmiles, they have honed thier stage show to suit large Stadiums and Festivals and small clubs, 2017 saw them celebrate 40 years of Alternative Rock and cement their position as one of the Great UK Post punk bands, whilst they are proud of thier Punk Rock Roots they have never been afriad to experiment with songs and genres, Original Members Chris Payne and JC Carroll are usually in the Band as is long term Drummer Nick Cash and New Man Calle Engelmarc,They are an English Institution


To Book The Members in the Uk Contact Members Management

OR Speak to

To Book The Members in the Uk Contact Darren Griffiths @ Crucial Talent


UK Booking Agent

Darren Griffiths CRUCIAL TALENT TEL:+44 07884 348176
Twitter : CrucialTalentD

Europe Bookings:- 
Marc M.A.D TourBooking

marc (at) mad-tourbooking . de

Heidelberger Strasse 65/66
12435 Berlin

FON: ++49-(0)30 - 61 40 13 00 
FAX: ++49-(0)321 - 21 38 16 60

10:00 am - 06:00 pm


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2017 Sees the first of JC's Solo shows hit the road, his songs Sound of the Suburbs, Solitary Confinement and Offshore Banking Business are part of the Great British Songbook and can transport people back to their youth. They have lost none of their vibrancy urgency and remain relevant today. He is also an award winning Film composer and 40 years of Punk, Pop, Panto, film and folk have left him with a lot of stories, a great repertoire and a story to tell about songwriting, sticking it to the man and flying the flag for Anglocentric Culture. In the last 10 years he has performed all over the World from Kiev to Los Angeles for Auckland to Aberdeen, now its your turn.

To Book JC Solo in the Uk Contact JC Carroll Bookings

As well as great songs his shows are also very funny, as he traces back his music education through his parents record collection through the early seventies to his discovery of music hall in the pubs of the Edgeware Road, he illustrates the direct link between Folk music of England and its unruly anarchic explosion into Punk in the late seventies. 

For people who think that Punk is all about anger and aggression JC illustrates why it is also Poignant Sad and Funny, His Songs have been recorded by Beggars Banquet Stiff Records Virgin Records Island Arista and his new Material continues to amaze as he grows as an Artist.

'The Members were always the thinking punk’s band of choice; angry but intelligent, JC Carroll still leads the band with panache, invention and an uncompromised sense of justice. Honour is due.
- Neil Spencer, The Observer & Uncut

JC Carroll is a storyteller, he deal in incidents seen, dreams and nightmares, the worries of youth and the sadness of old age. he stood up for the suburbs in the Seventies and is still doing it in 2016. For me, he really is the sound of those suburbs I grew up in and love.
- John King, author of The Football Factory and and Human Punk

. Hear The Members Hits, and his songs from his extensive catalogue, Initially JC is looking at Art Centre Shows and Folk Club as well as possible house concerts.


To Book JC Solo in the Uk Contact Email JC Carroll Booking

Booking: A recording Session or Commissioning a Soundtrack

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JC Has provided music for many Films , Adverts and Multimedia Projects, please contact him to discuss your requirements and Budget. JC uses Traditional instruments like Accordian and Mandolin and Blends them with modern technology to produce his trademark sound

You can also Browse over 250 titles in JC's extensive Commercial Music Library here. He have worked on everything from Small Budget Art films to Huge Films.. with orchestras recorded at Abbey Road Studios to drum kits recorded in kitchen, if you have a Movie project please get in touch. JC provides a one stop, Composition, Performance and Mastering Service. He can also help get round complicated copyright issues by creating sophisticated handmade solutions.




(1981) Urgh! A Music War (Michael White)
(1994) Don Juan DeMarco (jeremy Leven)
(1996) Loch Ness (John Henderson)
(2002) About a Boy (Chris Weitz)
(2004) Layer Cake (Matthew Vaughn)
(2007) Stardust ) (Matthew Vaughn)
(2008) Telstar (Nick Moran)
(2007) Virgin Territory (David leyland)
(2007) Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten (Julien Temple)
(2009) Oil City Confidential (Julien Temple)
(2011) The Golborne Variations (JC Carroll)
(2012) London Modern Babylon (Julien Temple)
(2013) The Invisible Woman Ralph Fiennes
(2014) Looking for Johnny - (Chip Baker)
(2014) Six Bullets to Hell (Tanner Beard)
(2015) Hector (Jake Gavin)
(2015) Amar Akbar and Tony (Atul Malhotra)
(2015) The Marriage of Reason and Squalor (Jake Chapman)
(2016) Let me Go (Polley Steele)
(2016) Sad Vacation - (Chip Baker)
(2017) My Life Story (Suggs) - (Julien Temple)

Below is a Short Sample of the Types of Music he has provided for Films

Video & Film : Commissioning

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JC provides Video and animation service for a few customers. Animation is time consuming work so this has to be booked in advance.

Here are some examples of the Videos and Animation JC has made in his Studio in the last 5 years, this is a large part of what he now Does. Animation is painstaking and very rewarding JC has a special style with which he mixes Greenscreen animation and band performance to create a sort of lo-fi Star wars effect best seen of his Space Rangers Video. Here are some examples of his animations


Feel so LoneSome * * * * * * Incident at Surbiton


Emotional Triggers * * * * * * Apathy in the UK


Nightshift * * * * * * By the Time I get to Venus