Jean-marie (J.C.) Carroll is an English Composer,songwriter and musician of French Irish Extraction. His Mother was a Northerm Irish Meteorologist and his Father was a Free French Airman and Airtraffic controller.

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As well as composing music for Adverts and Movies JC has been a Member of The Members for 40 years, he regularly performs with them all over the world, he has also written Musical Comedies (Pantomines) a Novel and several Film Scripts.He lives in West Byfleet Surrey with his wife Sheila.

Short Biog

1956 Born :- Camberley Surrey 9th February 1956
1967 Attends Salesian College Chertsey Forms First band.
1974 begins Work at Coutts and Co (Bank Clerk)
1976 Moves to London and Starts Writing Songs
1977 Joins The Members
1979 Sound of The Suburbs is a Hit
1984 The Members Take a Break
1988 Starts Clothing Company The Dispensary
1988 Gets Married to Sophy Lynn Starts Family
1992 Begins Writing and Producings Musicals
1994 Begins to Compose Film Music
2006 The Members Re-unite
2007 Forms AngloCentric Records
2008 Marries Sheila Moves to Surrey The Members begin Touring and Recording
2011 Wins Golden Trellick for Golborne Variations
2012 Composes Score for Juilens Temple Movies Oill City Confidential and London Modern Babylon
2013 Tours with The Members In Australia and New Zealnd, Starts making Videos
2014 composes Scores for Hec McAdam, 6 Bullets to Hell,
Looking for Johnny, Tours UK, USA and France with The Members
2015 Tours with The Members
2016 composes Scores for Let Me Go, Sad Vacation, Tours Europe and France with The Members

2017 Sees him combine acoustic shows with his commitment to The Members and his Soundtrack work.

After playing in Various School bands, JC's first taste of serious music was a 1974 Chance meeting in the Three Mariners in Bagshot, Surrey with Pub Rock Pioneer and 70's icon Graham Parker. Together they Subsequently recorded a two track 1/4 inch tape in JC's Bedroom later to become known in Parker Mythology as "The Akai Tapes". Parker went on to international acclaim whilst JC settled into life as a Band Clerk living in a bedsit in Kilburn writing songs on a battered acoustic guitar about... Living in a bedsit in Kilburn writing songs.

1977 A chance meeting on a train with Nicky Ritz (Neé Lightowlers) a Liverpool University Graduate, sometimes insurance salesman, singer, beat poet bon vivant with a fantastic talent for self promotion led in 1977 to him being asked to Join Ritz's seminal Band The Members. Carroll promply renamed Ritz Tesco and the Members were on thier way.

1978 The groups first single Solitary Confinement (A JC co-write Nick Tesco) was released on the then achingly fashionable STIFF records.sol

The original 7 inch pressing of this record is highly collectible. THE MEMBERS then teamed up with a young producer called Steve Lillywhite (Brother of Members Drummer Adrian Lillywhite)

1979 released their UK anthem THE SOUND OF THE SUBURBS.subs

(another JC co-write) This record went on to sell 250,000 copies in Months. The track has subsequently been on hundreds of punk compilations and is what THE MEMBERS are most known for. The Subsequent Album AT THE CHELSEA NIGHTCLUB... gained critical approval and has been listed in Record collector as one of the top 20 Punk albums ever made.

The Members then recorded the Groundbreaking OFFSHORE BANKING BUSINESS a very early example of white reggae and a song that was to provide a blueprint for bands like the Police and the Specials. THE MEMBERS then concentrated on the American and overseas market as they chalked up Hits in America (WORKING GIRL) and Australia (RADIO) before calling it a day in 1983.

JC continued to work with Members Bass Player Chris Payne in the Eastern European Styled "Men Who Came in from the Cold" this band saw JC pursuing his obsession with his fathers european musical roots and his love of the accordian. He also continued to make recording and play sessions with up and coming young musicians such as GUY PRATT and CHESTER KAMEN as well as Punk Legends such as GLEN MATLOCK, JOHNNY THUNDERS, DEE DEE RAMONE and RAT SCABIES.During the Nineties JC took a Break from Music to start a Fashion Company with His then Wife and Raise a family in Notting Hill in West London... The Built up a chain of 4 Fashion Shops in Soho and Notting Hill Gate Designed Manufactured Clothes and Styled Musicians and ordinary People. Fact Kylie Minogues 1st album cover features clothes exclusively from the Dispensary.

The Music kept calling him back so when he was asked to join Folk rock band the Wise Monkeys he had to follow... this period JC hung up his electric guitar and armed only with Accordian and Mandolin went off in search of his French Irish Roots.

During this Period JC began making music for Film and Commercials composing music for Movies Such as Loch Ness, He was also lucky enough to work with the Late Michael Kamen on DON JUAN DE MARCO playing accordian in the Background whilst Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp acted on the Screen .JC is an original ... using recording techniques gleaned from legendary pop producers such as Steve Lillywhite and Martin Rushent he blends New Technology (Logic and Ableton Live) with his Arsenal of Mandolins, Ukes, Accordians, Melodicas, vintage Synths and guitars to create a sound that is both ancient and modern.

Equally at home playing Cajun Waltzes, Fearsome Punk, Dub Reggae and cockney Skiffle... JC is a True original.

2006 ar chance meeting at the Funeral of Frank "Fad Gadget" Tovey leads JC to Team up with Nick Cash (Drums) the relationship with Nick would be instrumental in the beginning of a long a fruitfull collaboration.

2007 JC records at the Legendary Abbey Road Studio and in his own kitchen studio.. The Results were a Film Soundtrack, several Major Supermarket Avertising campaign and three Internet inspired Albums (Distributed digitally by iTunes and physically by Kunaki and CD Baby in the States. At this time JC became involved with many Internet Musicians on the SOUNDCLICK site and was subsequently asked to become involved in the day to day running of that site. Through his association with sounclick JC pioneered a technique of collabbing (ie collaborating with musicians all over the world) to produce collaborative work. The Fruits of this work can be seen on the Albums STRANGERS AND FICTION The Rock is in the Lapt0p and New English Blues Volume I.

The albums were
1. The Rock is in the Lapt0p
2. Modern Folk
3. Strangers and Fiction

2008 Closes his Last Shop and Marries Sheila and Moves to West BYfleet in Surrey saw the Release of NEW ENGLISH BLUES VOL 1 (the first part of JC's triptych New English Blues Set.) which contained the surprise Radio Hit and iTunes. CAVEMAN TV.and JC playing live with his Band "The Disciples" at many events in and around London including a fantastic set at Blackpools Premiere Punk festival REBELLION. In contrast in his acoustic guise he shared the stage with Poet Laurette Seamus Heany at the Eclectic Flat Lake arts Festival in Co Monaghan in Ireland . A Chance invitation to play in Miami in November turned into a full North American Tour with JC enjoying success in New York, Toronto and Philly see the blog for that tour here.

2009 sees him consolidating his position as a film and TV composer and continuing to perform with The Disciple and The Members. And release The Golborne Variations a Rock opera about a Road in North Kensington, which features Pink Floyds Long Term Bass Player and old buddy Guy Pratt on Bass together with Nich Cash Chris Payne Chester Kamen and Florida Resident Jennifer Pearl. This album sees JC resume his relationship with Producer David M. Allen.

2010 Saw the Members back on the Road seriously with Huge Shows at the Isle of Wight Fesival, Glastonbury, and a hefty European Touring Schedule. the Recording of two Live Albums Live in Berlin with The Members and Live Acoustic Trio with Tony Reeves and Joe Woolley.

2011 JC is Asked to provide original Material for "Oil City Confidential" Julian Temples Film about legendary Pub Rockers Dr Feelgood. This becomes an Art Cinema Cult Classic and is aired on the BBC several times. Rat Scabies legendary Damned Drummer Joins The Members for European and French Tours, In September Portobello Film Festival Asks JC to perform his Opera Golborne Variation to an early Cut of an Experimental Art Movie of the Same Name. This World Premiere of the Piece Earns JC and his Ensemble a Special award from the Film festival. "A Golden Trellick"

2012 releases Two Albums in March "InGrrLand' The Members 4th Studio Album and 21st Century Blues an Experimental Electro Blues album. Tours France and Germany and is asked once more to provide original material for anothe Julien Temple Film. The Criticall Acclaimed "London The Modern Babylon" JC is listed as the Composer of Original Music.

2013. records Music for the Johnny Thunders Biopic "Looking for Johnny" and Produced many Videos for AngloCentric tours Australia New Zealnd and Europe with The Members.

2014. records Music for the hec McAdam" and Spaghetti Western "6 Bullets to Hell" and Produces Videos for AngloCentric tours UK, USA and France with The Members.


JC with his 60s 9 String Danelectro,


jPad Video Shoot,


With David M.Allen at the Connie Plank Desk


With Tony Reeves and Joe Woolley


Rocking with Rat Scabies and Chris Payne in France


In Kiev


with a '68 Stratocaster




In JC's Own Words

Equally Blessed and Cursed

I am equally cursed and blessed with having a hit record when I was 24 in the UK. And to a lesser extent a smallish hit in the USA when I was 27.
Those records Were
"Sound of the Suburbs" in The UK and
"Working Girl" in the USA

For no matter what I do in the UK I will always be associated with that one record. And in the USA will always be associated with the the other one.

Accordianiste, Folk Musician, Musical Director, PUNK ROCKER

So even though I have played accordian for Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp on film soundtracks, spent many years learning folk and acoustic instruments, producing funky records, psycobilly albums, written musicals, been the musical director of several stage shows, made complicated concept albums and written and collaborated with wonderful musicians around the world, To some people I will always be a punk rocker, a musical neanderthal.

some of my best work in on these albums:-

The Rock is in the Lapt0p iTunes
New English Blues Volume 1 iTunes
The Golborne Variations iTunes


I have led a Spinal Tap like existence touring endlessly across north America experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles to the tragi-comic supporting a fashion show in long island, arriving in Horseheads Elmira to find the venue shut. I have partied with The Ramones and Blondie around the Kidney Shaped pool at the Hollywood motel where Sam Cooke was Shot, I have has an affair with a Go Go, Slept with The Dead Kennedys Manager, I have Partied with Iggy Pop in New York, Tom Petty in the Mid West, I have talked cars and girls with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, been entertained by Mobsters in New York, Played on A Riverboat in New Orleans. I have travelled 35,000 miles across 50 states of the usa in a Ford econoline with four other guys living on marijuanana $20 a day, microwave burrittos and show salads.

Highs and Lows

I have played at Midnight in the Land of the Midnight Sun, I've played at Spring Break in Daytona Beach, I have been locked in a Dutch immigration prison cell, fined by highway patrols, refused entry to canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, I've been spat at, showered with coins and bottles , I've stayed in Plush hotels in Paris and cockroach infested immigrant dives in Southern Texas.


I've played Irish music round camp fires in Monaghan, punk in Basements in London (With Dee Dee Ramone), Accordians with Rumanian Gypsies in France , sang rasta Hymns with Jamaicans in the BBC television centre, Hi-Life and Kweala, Zydeco, Cajun, show tunes Burlesque , musical Hall, easy Listening, Klesmer, calypso.....

I returned to the USA in my fifties and travelled by car plane and grey hound bus from Miami to Toronto playing with pick up bands and solo shows playing blues , Alt. county Punk Rock and reggae.

I have supported the Clash and the Police, recorded with The Members,members of Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, The Damned, Pink Floyd, John Barry 7, Shadows, John Mayalls Blues Breakers, Colluseum


I have played weddings, funerals, Fashion Shows, shop openings, restaurants, car launches i have made $$$s on a 30 second supermarket commercial and nothing on a rock opera. I have busked in a subway for pennies I have been paid next to nothing for working an a major movie. I have begged for work and then begged to be paid...

So the CV Looks OK... But Names are just Names and Music is Music, the fame game is a matter of luck, payola an/or hard work paying your dues knowing the right people being in the right place at the right time... I prefer to be judged by my work and pray that my best work is ahead of me.


Some of my best work has been done with complete strangers and unknowns on the internet.
You can find that on this Album... Strangers and Fiction iTunes

I am a conduit for the music of generations of musicians before me